ncaa final four history

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ncaa final four history

It all comes down to this. Forget the sixty-one other teams that began the tournament with them, there are now four teams and two games left to decide who the National Champion of the year will be, but if you don’t have your own NCAA Final Four Tickets to the game, then you will not be there to watch as these last four teams battle it out for the National Title. These are the four teams that have survived their grueling regional brackets to face off against the other winners, and there is nothing more thrilling in all of basketball then seeing who will be left standing and who will fall to the court in defeat as the final seconds wind down in these always thrilling and always sold out events.

Because of the single elimination style of the March Madness Tournament, even the Final Four can create match-ups between teams that “no one” believed would make it this far. Cinderella teams are created when teams beat seemingly overwhelming odds to advance to the Sweet 16 or Elite 8 rounds, but when one of those teams makes it as far as the Final Four, history is on the line for that school and for the tournament itself. Years like 1985 and 2006, when no number one seeded teams made it out of their regional brackets to advance to the Final Four are such shocking moments, that the field that is left seems capable of anything, leaving these teams to decide their own fate on the court.

The Final Four is not all about Cinderella stories though, because Dynasty Teams also rise to the top to dominate this time of the year as well. Teams like Duke, who make it deep into the tournament almost every year and have captured three national titles, or Kentucky with seven national titles of their own are followed closely year after year, as these programs continue to produce outstanding teams that are always right there to compete for the national championship, but the most dominant school in the history of the NCAA Tournament is UCLA. With eleven National Championships, including a record of seven in a row, UCLA has been, by far, the most dominant team to play in the March Madness Tournament.

The NCAA Basketball Tournament is one of the most highly anticipated sporting events of the year, and the Final Four even more so. With only a few days between the time that the teams are decided in the games leading up to the Final Four, the fans need to scramble to get their NCAA Final Four Tickets as quickly as possible, because at that point March Madness is almost over for another year. Those with these hard to find tickets will be there for the tip off to see if their favorite squad will be crowned National Champion this year or face the agony of defeat and go home without the trophy once again.


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