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wwe wrestling venue information

The Alamo Dome

Tickets to WWE matches at Alamodome are in many ways akin to scoring tickets to an Olympic Opening Ceremony. Sure, you can discount Alamodome as a haven for pimple-wracked prepubescent boys, mullet-sporting rednecks with no teeth, and sex-crazed corporate suits indulging a secret passion, but can you think of any other place where so many different kinds of people (ok, men) can unite and revel in a single event? Whether those 30,000 screaming fans are lined up to see Triple-H do his worst, the Undertaker do his best, or vixen Nitro Girls like the recently retired Stacey Keibler shake their rumps, one thing’s certain: the WWE at Alamodome is one of the only places men can check out other men and still be considered macho in 98% of America.

Can you think of anything as dramatic, anything as titanic, and anything as wholly entertaining as the world of professional wrestling? Say what you will about the whole thing being staged, but in the end you know you’ll always stay the remote control to see the latest ‘roided, neckless freak that inspires 13 year-olds to send each other to the hospital post-emulation.

This year, keep a sharp eye out for WWE head honcho Vince McMahon to stir up the usual controversies. Big Show and Triple-H have beef to settle as always; last year’s match found Big Show swinging but hitting nothing but air and ringpost. You can bet McMahon has some cards to play this year, especially with the rise of relatively new names such as Brock Lesnar, while John Cena will most certainly garner his share of grudges and scores to settle with Kane and Kurt Angle perennially hungering for glory.

The Pepsi Arena

Located in Albany, New York, Pepsi Arena’s near-17,000 person capacity makes it ideal for collegiate sports and most recently the 2006 New Year’s Revolution, where John Cena sewed the seeds of discontent in his defeat of Carlito and Chris Masters. Watch for big names like Chris Benoit and Gregory Helms to have their titles challenged constantly, and don’t miss out on a possible tag-team dissolution in The Spirit Squad.
All this is of course predicated upon the wills of scores of talented script writers and brilliant marketing, but hey! Who’s counting?

If pure entertainment is your bag, the WWE is chock-full of intricate storylines, back-stabbings and new alliances just waiting to be executed. The recent scandal of Persian-American manager Daivari and former wrestler Mohammad Hassan has bubbled over, gone from the public eye. He has, however, acquired the Great Khali, a seven-foot monstrosity of a man waiting to tear his way through SmackDown!


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