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chicago cubs history

You just never know what to expect from these wacky Chicago Cubs. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. For most of the 20th Century it was a Billy Goat. Now, the New Millennium brigs us Steve Bartman and the infamous foul ball from the 2003 League championship. If you purchase Chicago Cubs tickets, you can be sure of a full house, plenty of beer and sunshine AND some pretty decent baseball. The concern on the North Side of Chicago is will there be enough to get them back to the playoffs. They have a lot to live up to, what with the White Sox conquering the world in 2005. GM Jim Hendry denies it, but he along with Manager Dusty baker must be feeling the pressure.

After coming so close in 2003, Cubs fans figured their heroes were a lock the next year. But injuries to Kerry Wood and Mark Prior douse any hope of a title. Sammy Sosa and his corked bat were at the end of his run on the North Side. GM Hendry added Todd Walker, Michael Barrett, Greg Maddux, Kent Mercker and Derrick Lee so one couldn’t help but think good things would happen. Such was not the case. The next year was more of the same as Wood and Prior couldn’t stay healthy, Corey Patterson struggled and the Cubs generally slept walked through the season.

All of which brings us to 2006. Once again, Hendry was active, signing Juan Pierre and Jacque Jones while trading away the disappointing Patterson. In addition he strengthened the bullpen by signing Scott Eyre and Bobby Howry. Unfortunately, Wood and Prior have yet to pitch an inning of baseball and until these two figure a way to stay in the rotation, the Cubs won’t be playing post season baseball. Even the most ardent fan buying Chicago Cubs tickets would agree.

The Cubs will be counting on two youngsters in the field, as Matt Murton will be in left for his first full season while raw rookie Ronny Cedeno begins the season at shortstop. If he stumbles there, Nefi Perez will take over. The rest of the lineup is strong with Aramis Ramirez, Derrick lee and Todd walker providing punch, while the aforementioned Pierre and Jones add speed.

The rotation could be strong with Carlos Zambrano, Prior, Maddux, Wood and Glendon Rusch, but as mentioned Hendry and baker won’t know where they stand until at least the first week of the season.

Fans who have purchased Chicago Cubs tickets have done so with fingers crossed and prayers on their lips. If the injury bug passes them by, look for the Cubs to make a solid run, if not, it’s wait till next year all over again.


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