golden state warriors history

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golden state warriors history

A young group of budding superstars makes buying Golden State Warriors tickets seem so irresistible. First they take one of the most electrifying talents in the NBA, Jason Richardson, and let him run wild. They add two college studs in Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy, who both seem to improve year by year. And for the icing on the cake, they bring in Baron Davis, a freak point guard who has put up eye-popping numbers since he entered the league. This team would be fun to watch if they were miserable, instead of being the best young team in the NBA - which they are. The Arena in Oakland will be selling NBA Playoff tickets for the Warriors for years to come.

The Warriors have a long and storied franchise history that began in Philadelphia in 1945. This history fist became noteworthy in 1959, when Wilt Chamberlain joined the team and changed the NBA forever. Wilt "The Stilt" proved unstoppable for the duration of his time with the Warriors. Warriors ticket holders could plan on watching the 8th wonder of the World on a nightly basis, as Chamberlain dominated all comers and took the team west to their new home in San Francisco. Fans flocked to see the Warriors in their new home, but Chamberlain would be traded back to Philadelphia, to play for the 76ers in 1965.

The Wilt-less Warriors struggled for only a year, as rookie phenom Rick Barry arrived the next year. Barry's brash personality and gunslinger attitude soon won the rest of the team over. The Warriors found themselves facing Chamberlain the next year in the NBA Finals, but the Hall-of-Famer proved to be too much for the upstart Warriors from the Golden Gate City.

Barry would depart for the ABA a year later, but later returned to lead the Warriors to what some argue was the greatest upset in NBA history. By this time the team had relocated across the bay to their current home of Oakland. Barry led a team of nobodies through the gauntlet of the NBA Playoffs, and came out on top in 1975.

Golden State found new prominence in the mid-eighties behind "Run TMC." Named after the up-and-down style of play employed by Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, and Chris Mullin, this trio never failed to put up points. Led by Don Nelson, the Warriors fast became the best offensive team of the late 80's and early 90's. Injuries and bad chemistry soon got the best of Run TMC, but this year's version looks to bring the team back to prominence.

A Golden State Warriors ticket to the Arena in Oakland promises to be an investment in action. With Richardson flying through the air, Murphy cleaning the glass, Dunleavy stroking three's, and Davis knifing through defenses, it may be one of the most balanced Warrior teams in history. The rest of the West is on alert. Golden State is back, and they're not going anywhere.



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