washington capitals history

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washington capitals history

Will the recent success of the Washington Nationals and Washington Wizards rub on the Washington Capital? The best way to find out is by picking your Washington Capitals tickets today.
The Caps are entering their 31st season and have yet to bring home the Stanley Cup.  In fact, the Capitals have only skated for the Cup once in, 1998 against the Detroit Red Wings.  It’s not as if the Capitals haven’t made valiant attempts to make Captials ticket holders happy, though.

Just before the 2001-02 season, Washington acquired Jaromir Jagr, who was at the time arguably the best player in the league.  But, as the stockbroker’s disclaimer states, “Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.”  That statement fit Jagr, who failed to live up to his past performance with the Capitals.  Even though Washington would reach the NHL Playoffs in Jagr’s second season, they would be eliminated in six games by the upstart Tampa Bay Lightning.  The following year, Jagr was gone. The Capitals went for youth and a lower payroll. The result was last-place finish.
In their 30 year history, the Capitals have qualified for the NHL Playoffs 17 times, with three divisional final appearances, two conference finals, and the aforementioned Stanley Cups Finals appearance. 

Their first season in 1974-75, Washington would take to the ice at the Capital Centre.  At the time, the NHL was competing with the little known WHA, which was stealing talent from the NHL.  The Capitals finished in last place, behind the other expansion team, the defunct Kansas City Scouts, who are now known as the New Jersey Devils.

After eight seasons, mediocre at best, but usually awful, Washington made a huge trade that would result in their first trip to the NHL Playoffs.  In the opening round, the Caps would face the New York Islanders, who were on their way to their fourth consecutive Stanley Cup. That season would be the starting point of 14 consecutive playoff appearances for Washington.

The 1985-86 season was the first time the Capitals would reach 50 wins.  They finished the year in second place.  They would take on the Islanders in the first round of the playoffs, but this time the Capitals would defeat skaters from Long Island.  They would stumble later in the playoffs, losing in six games to the Rangers of Manhattan Island.

Washington would continue their winning ways in the late 80s, and finally break through to capture their first division crown in 1989.  But all they got for their first-place finish was a first-round exit.

The Caps would make the playoffs in eight of the 10 years of the 90s. In 1997, Washington’s streak of 14-straight playoff appearances came to a halt.  But the next season, the Capitals would move into the brand new MCI Center.  They would turn their fortunes around and would make their only Stanley Cup Finals appearance.  Unfortunately, the Red Wings would sweep the Capitals for the Cup.

Washington Capitals ticket holders are excited about the prospect of youth leading the way for this season, as only four skaters are over the age of 30.  Will youthful exuberance be enough to put Capitals back in the NHL Playoffs? Last year’s lockout has hockey fans starving for NHL tickets. The NHL’s back on the ice, and the MCI Center is the place to be. The Washington Capitals are poised for a playoff run. So get your Capitals tickets today,


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