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boxing venue information

MGM Grand Garden Arena

Modeled after New York’s Madison Square Garden, the Arena has the capacity to seat 17,157 fight-night attendees who clamor to secure title bout MGM Grand tickets to gargantuan clashes such as Holyfield vs. Tyson and De La Hoya vs. Hopkins. Not many venues can boast the terrific hypocrisy of middle-aged men and women of privilege yipping like crazed hyenas over two under-privileged former youths carefully calculating newer, faster ways to pummel each other into dog meat than Las Vegas’ MGM Grand. Keep your eyes on the Vegas strip for Light Middleweight “Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya to fight what is widely rumored to be his last fight against Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in 2007, capping a career that spanned 11 (count ‘em) weight classes, Olympic gold, and four children by four different women.

Madison Square Garden

Arguably one of the more famous venues in boxing, Madison Square Garden tickets have been purchased since 1968, with more than 19,000 roaring fans watching legends such as Muhammad Ali bring back the big-talking of 8th grade fist-fights invigorate the masses with energy so overwhelming it would make weenies like you cower in its wake. Located between 31st and 33rd streets on 7th Avenue, the Garden is easy to reach by Manhattan’s plentiful taxicab services. Keep an eye open for heavyweight hopeful and perennial upset Hasim Rahman to jab his way back to the top. Having been cheated out of a glorious victory by “tissue-paper fortitude” Vitali Klitschko, Rahman has a lot to prove, including his ability to exact revenge, having been lost his WBC title to heavyweight Russian contender Oleg Maskaev in August 2006.

Mandalay Bay Events Center

It’s not hard to find the Mandalay Bay hotel on Las Vegas’ main drag. Mandalay Bay Boxing Tickets aren’t too difficult to find either, especially when it comes to headliners such as Jose Luis Castillo, the lightweight “El Terrible” whose professional career has had dramatic ups and downs that parallel Lifetime made-for-TV movies. Picture this:

Castillo: “I just want to box. I want to be free, dancing around the ring. Why can’t I box? Why, oh why Papa, why can’t I box?”
Papa: “The weight limit is 140, junior. You’re just too fat. From now on, I and the Nevada State Athletic Commission will forbid you from fighting in any bouts under the 140-lb. benchmark.” [Castillo sniffles, wipes nose]

You can bet with such hard-hitting drama that Castillo will be out for blood. Either that or he’ll develop a complex and be Jenny Craig’s first boxing spokesperson. Don’t hold your breath for the latter—the 12,000 people that will crowd Mandalay Bay Events Center sure won’t. Many pundits consider “El Terrible” to be one of the finest southpaws in the sport today, evidenced by spectacular wins such as that over Sod Looknongyangtoy, who Castillo thoroughly thrashed at the MGM grand, presumably because he could neither spell or pronounce his opponent’s surname.


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