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Golf tickets are just the thing you’re looking for to fill that summer weekend. If you’re hooked on the world’s most challenging and frustrating game it’s time to put aside your own clubs and head out to one of the world’s best golf courses and watch the masters at work. Is there a better way to improve your own putting than watching the pros at work? You could do a lot worse than emulating players like Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, and Phil Mickelson when it comes to swing at the that little white ball.

But more than that, the world that opens to you when you’re holding tickets to events like The Masters, the PGA Golf Championship, or the U.S Open, is a world full of heartbreak and triumph, victory and defeat, and breathtaking finishes unknown in any other sport. Golf is a game that can frustrate the world’s greatest players one day, while the next day or the next week or the next tournament a player can do no wrong.

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Phil Mickelson found that out at the 2006 Masters when he blew away the rest of the field to claim the Green Jacket by 2 strokes. While his 2004 Master Championship was won with a come from behind assault over the last half a dozen holes, in 2006 Mickelson was clearly the best golfer at Augusta. Mickelson combined 13 par holes with four birdies while Tiger Woods and Vijay Sing struggled with their putting all day. Those struggles put Tiger in the position of helping Mickelson into the Green Jacket, a reversal of their roles in the 2005 Masters.

On any given weekend, golf tickets can put you on the course with some of the top players in the world. Will you choose Augusta and The Masters or the US Open and Winged Foot Golf Club? How about a shot at seeing the Pebble Beach Pro Am, featuring not only the established and well know golfers but the rising young studs that may someday don their own Green Jacket or hoist that PGA Championship trophy? Whichever golf tickets make your heart pound, get them early and get ready for the thrill of a lifetime.  

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