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Looking for a time out filled with action and intensity? Then tennis tickets are the way to go. Played all over the world, from Spain to Russia to the United States, tennis combines resolute concentration with speed and coordination to form a game loved by sports enthusiasts everywhere. Developed mainly in Wales, the sport dates back to 1873 when it was amusement for aristocrats. However, today in its modern state, tennis has progressed into a sport that can be enjoyed by fans of all different types. Perhaps this is why it is so popular as an international sport.
Another point that makes the sport so accessible to such an assorted array of fans is its diverse players. Ranging from the grace of athletes like Venus and Serena Williams and Andre Agassi to the…shall we say…passion, of competitors such as bad-boy John McEnroe. As of now, the top-ranked male singles champion in the entire world for tennis is Roger Federer. Following him are Rafael Nadal of Spain, Leighton Hewitt of Australia, and American Andy Roddick. These players sit on a throne of tennis royalty, admired by fans as they shatter records and show incredible sportsmanship. On the female side of things, the reigning singles champion is Amelie Mauresmo from France. Coming up close behind her are Kim Clijsters, Justine Henin-Hardenne, and tennis beauty Maria Sharapova, who many say has given men a whole new reason to watch professional tennis.

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To be considered truly great in the world of tennis, it is usually necessary to win at least one of four special tennis championships, collectively known as the “Grand Slam.” Kicking off the series is the Australian Open which is played annually on the last fortnight in January. The tournament is held in Melbourne, Australia in the Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club. Following it is the French Open, which is played on clay courts that for some players improve their game and for others make it all the more difficult. Every year, the French Open in held somewhere between mid May and early June in Paris, France. Third in line in the Grand Slam progression is the Championships, Wimbledon (commonly known as Wimbledon), which is held every June or July. The only one of the Grand Slam tournaments played on grass courts, Wimbledon is an incredibly diverse competition, holding several categories unmatched in its sister tournaments. Some of these events include 35 and over Gentlemen’s Doubles, 45 and over Gentlemen’s Doubles, 35 and over Ladies’ Doubles, and wheelchair doubles. Finally, last in line comes the U.S. Open, which is held annually in August or September. Since 1978, the U.S. Open has been held at the USTA National Tennis Center at Flushing Meadows in Queens, New York. A common bond shared between all four tournaments is that each started out as only national competitions offered to amateurs. However, after the Open Era, professionals and amateurs alike from all different countries were invited to participate in each competition. A player must win all four championships in a calendar year to win the “Grand Slam.”

Though these are the four biggest tournaments in tennis, dozens of different competitions are held in tennis every year, which is one of the reasons tennis tickets are such a good investment. The players of the game are so passionate about their sport, it is impossible not to see an enthralling match any time you attend an event.

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