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Horse racing tickets are your ticket to the Sport of Kings. The joy of watching thoroughbreds as the stampede down the rack, battling into position and heading for the finish line, is a feeling that can’t be found in any other sports. There’s a special relationship between man and horse, making thoroughbred racing one of the most popular sports in the world today.

Whether it’s the Kentucky Derby and Churchil Downs, the Belmont, or the Preakness at Pimlico, there’s a special breed of person that enjoys horse racing and a special ambience to soak in when you’re at the track. At the Kentucky Derby, standing in the infield is an experience that draws fans back year after year. Or maybe it’s the Mint Juleps or the Kentucky Derby Festival. Whatever it is, it’s enough to spark weeks of celebration before the actual Derby itself.

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For some lovers of thoroughbred horse racing, it’s the anticipation of a Triple Crown winner. In almost 100 years of racing history, only 11 mounts have claimed the Triple Crown. The list resounds with names like War Admiral, Seattle Slew, Affirmed, and Secretariat. Will Belmont Stakes ticket holders see another Triple Crown winner in 2006? Kentucky Derby tickets may give us a clue, but the Preakness has befuddled many a jockey, taking away the opportunity in the space of a few shattering seconds.

For some, despite the reputation of the Kentucky Derby, it’s the Breeders Cup that really matters. In a series of eight races, the Breeders Cup pits the world’s most carefully bred animals against each other. Trainers and jockeys swoop down on the Breeders Cup from Europe, Japan, and a host of other countries. It’s never easy to get to the Breeders Cup, and it’s even harder to walk away a winner.

Being a part of this world is as easy as choosing which horse racing tickets you’d like. And it’s that hard. How do you choose between the Kentucky Derby, the Breeders Cup, Arlington, the Preakness, or Belmont? Tough choices, but just about any horse racing ticket you desire is available with the click of a mouse. The choice is yours.  

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