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king of the cage venue information

Widely regarded as the minor leagues of MMA fighting, KOTC matches are most frequently held at Indian casinos. Known for its harsh fights and scantily-clad “ring girls,” King of the Cage tickets are usually sold as second-tier promotions as UFC and PRIDE fighters take top dollar. There is considerable talent, however, as UFC, PRIDE, and KOTC often see the same fighters in different stages of their careers.

A Judoka (judo fighter) at heart, Shonie Carter is the man to look for in KOTC fights. With a pro record of 71-15-7 as of 10/1/06, Carter’s fighting style is a combination of combat-do, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and shidokan karate. Trained by popular MMA fighter Brian Gassaway, Carter’s most recent victories were in Tropicana D’Cache Club Fights, though he has made a fair amount of appearances at the UFC and Shidokan invitationals.

Most recently known for his loss to Shonie Carter at “Redemption on the River”, Jason Black has only two losses in his professional record, with one TKO and one submission. Most KOTC fans were sorely disappointed to see Black lose, as he was widely regarded as a favorite.

Lightweight champion Mac Danzig combines harsh striking techniques with adept grappling prowess to take down his opponents. With a 12-fight win streak spanning more than two years, Danzig is a fighter to watch. More impressive than his training is the fact that Danzig cut his teeth while on a vegan diet. You know most vegans—pale, skeletal shells of people who usually are too quiet to be heard and too anemic to try harder. Danzig should blow that stereotype out the water—and if not, pick a fight and see what happens. Bet you won’t look at that Hare Krishna the same way again, eh?

Heavyweight Bo Cantrell doesn’t just look like a Viking; the 200+ pounder is currently the fourth-seeded contender for the King of the Cage Championship Belt currently claimed by Paul Buentello. With a professional record of 5-3-0, Cantrell is a relative newcomer to the MMA professional scene, and is eager to prove himself in the KOTC.

AT 5’8, 170 lbs., Thomas Kenney doesn’t look like much. Looks can be deceiving, however; the veteran fighter combines wrestling and jiu-jitsu as one of KOTC’s more notable showmen. Known for his heavy favoring of standing knockouts, Kenney is not averse to groundwork and specializes in effect submission holds. Watch for his ascension through KOTC rankings and an eventual resurfacing in Japan as a PRIDE fighter middleweight.


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