dover 400 history

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dover 400 history

Dover 400 tickets are some of the most coveted amongst NASCAR fans nationwide.  The event, a staple of the racing scene since 1969, is known as one of the races of champions.  More history, lore and unique majesty are owned by Dover International Speedway than perhaps any other venue in the sport.  The track has the distinction hosted the first post 9/11 race in 2001 and in doing so rekindled a passion of American flare in sports with Dale Earnhardt Jr. parading around the track after his amazing win with a humongous American flag.

Much of the Dover 400 magic comes in the names of the winners of the race’s illustrious history.  Ancient names in the sport of stock car racing such as Cale Yarborough and Bobbie Allison litter the annals of Dover lore.  In Delaware, where the race resides, fans have seen an unparalleled record of on track dominance.  The Dover race has been won by a pole sitter seven times in the history of the track, including back to back wire to wire wins by David Pearson in the early seventies.

Those with Dover 400 tickets in 2005 saw Ryan Newman land a controlling win en route to a breakout year for the young star.  Many NASCAR insiders consider the track and its races to be the benchmark to hold racers seeking potential greatness to and the fans of the sport recognize the challenges to their heroes therein.  This is evident in the track’s owners satisfying the need of the fan base with adding seats to the DIS sixteen consecutive years.  Today with the love the sport of stock car racing growing exponentially we can expect seating needs to increase along as well.

A rare vortex of sports energy in the land of Delaware, Dover 400 tickets are stubbed invitations to annual racing history in a place where timeless trials and triumphs whisper in the winds for the stars of today and tomorrow in NASCAR to draft behind. 


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