st louis rams history

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st louis rams history

St. Louis Rams tickets have been a hot item for the last few years. The Edward Jones Dome has provided NFL fans with some of the most explosive offensive action ever seen on a football field. The 2005 season looks like more of the same great offensive action, but head coach Mike Martz is planning on also dishing out some defense this year. The addition of cornerback Corey Ivy and safety Michael Stone beefed up a Rams’ defense that had been lackluster over the past few seasons. Offense and defense in St. Louis? This has fans in St. Louis talking Super Bowl, as they line up to get their hands on Rams tickets.

The St. Louis Rams began life as the Cleveland Rams in 1936, part of the American Football League. After shorts stints in a variety of cities and stadiums, the Rams settled in Los Angeles in 1946. Led by quarterbacks Bob Waterfield and Norm Van Brocklin, the Los Angeles Rams captured Western Division Championships from 1949 to 1951, before finally winning the NFL Championship in 1951. Rams tickets of that era allowed football fanatics to see such greats as head coach Tom Fears and “Crazy Legs” Hirsch.

Fiery head coach George Allen took over in 1966 once again putting Rams tickets at the top of the heap. Rebuilding a team whose last playoff appearance was in 1955, Allen led the Rams to division titles in 1967 and 1969. During that time, superstars like Roman Gabriel and Deacon Jones solidified the Rams’ status as an elite member of the NFL. The Rams’ fortunes only got better when Chuck Knox took over in 1973. Knox ran off a string of Western Division titles for five straight seasons. His successor, Ray Malavasi, brought the team even closer, but the Rams were knocked out of the NFC Championship by the Dallas Cowboys in 1978 and lost Super Bowl XIV to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Rams gave Los Angeles a solid team throughout the 1980’s, putting NFL greats such as Eric Dickerson on the field. Fans with Rams ticket watched Dickerson top 1,800 yards in his rookie season. The goggled dynamo bested that fete by rushing for more than 2,000 in 1984. In the late 80’s quarterback Jim Everett and wide receiver Henry Ellard teamed up to give the Rams a powerful passing game that put the team into the NFC Championship in 1988, where they were downed by the eventual Super Bowl champion San Francisco 49ers.

The Rams packed their bags after the 1994 season and headed for St. Louis. With Dick Vermeil at the helm, quarterback Kurt Warner orchestrated a seemingly unstoppable offense, which gave the fans in St. Louis a 23-16 win over the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV. A return trip in 2002 resulted in a 20-17 loss to the New England Patriots.

Don’t wait to get your Rams tickets. The high octane St. Louis offense, backed up by a revamped defense, is poised for a historic season. All the pieces are in place, an offensive genius calling the plays, one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks in Marc Bulger, Marshall Faulk and Steven Jackson toting the pigskin, and a vastly improved defense will make the Edward Jones Dome the home of the hottest NFL action to be found in 2005. Consequently, Rams will tickets harder to find than Torry Holt in the secondary. Don’t be left standing under the arch all by yourself. Join the fun by reserving you St. Louis Rams tickets today.


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